Office Touch for Windows Surface Pro 3

By | 10.12.2018

Office Touch for Windows Surface Pro 3

Today was especially rich in news related to Office products. First, Office apps for Android and iOS no longer requires an Office 365 subscription for full use. Secondly, today Microsoft launched a test program version of Office for Android tablets. Well, the latest news is the confirmation of the upcoming release of office apps optimized for touch devices with Windows. This version modern user interface will be presented simultaneously with the release of Windows 10.

After the official announcement was published and the video demonstrating the new apps on the Surface Pro 3 (above you can see an excerpt from the official video).

As you know, Windows 10 tentatively scheduled for the second half of 2015 and at the same time will be available to «touch» version of the office Suite.

Office Touch для Windows на Surface Pro 3

It should be noted that, as this project is still in development, some of the parts shown in the video may change in the final version, but the highlights will change is unlikely. As in the case of the version of Office for tablets with Android, the focus will be on how to make the interface usable with touch.

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