Office Online received a contextual search using Bing

By | 10.12.2018

Office Online got a contextual search via Bing

Yesterday Microsoft announced that Office Online has become smarter with Insights for Office. The new feature combines search technology with Bing within Office to provide relevant information without the need to leave the document, so users can be more productive.

Unfortunately, Insights for Office can be used only in English and only in Word Online, but as expected, soon the feature will be available in other languages and in other Office applications Online.

Insights for Office is more than just a search box in the Office ribbon, Microsoft says. New features of Bing search within Office are something different and more clever than a simple search on the Internet. The company explains that the results can be accessed by users with the help of this tool, use all the words in the document as context to accurately ensure proper results.

For example, if you write scholarly work on Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, and you need specific information, typing the word «Lincoln» in your search engine, you can obtain your results, including the Lincoln car, or a movie. But with the help of Insights for Office, Bing search can analyze the text in the document, so that information about Lincoln (former President) will be ranked higher than other results. In other words, Bing is now able to use the technology of machine learning and data index the world knowledge for analysis of text in the document.

Office Online получил функцию контекстного поиска через Bing

To get access to the function, create a new document in Word Online, enter text, click the right mouse button on the word you want to explore and click «Insights».

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