Office Online got his first significant improvements this year

By | 10.12.2018

Office Online got his first substantial improvement in the current year

A few hours ago, the Office team announced in his blog on the implementation of several improvements to the Office Online version of office Suite that is available free of charge through the browser and includes web applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Enhanced reading mode

The control panel in the reading mode received a new control. It is available with a single click and includes additional tools, including a translator and the ability to download the current file.

More opportunities to save and manage files

Option «Save as» has been expanded to provide the user with additional options for managing individual files.

  • Save as – save a copy of the file in OneDrive. For saving, you can choose one of the existing folders in the cloud, or create a new one. When saving you can give the file a different name.
  • Rename – this function is, I believe, requires no explanation.
  • «Download a copy» – allows you to save a copy of the file outside of your OneDrive, for example, on a computer or to external media.
  • «Download format PDF» – the ability to convert current file to PDF format for subsequent downloading to a computer.

Add files to OneDrive directly from the toolbar

If the file is read-only, i.e. no permissions to edit, you can save a copy in the cloud, by clicking «save to OneDrive» that is placed directly on the toolbar.

Start editing quicker

There have been some optimizations to make to start editing now faster and more efficient. You can now navigate to frequently used files and to see more files from the storage to OneDrive, and you can also quickly create a new file or select one of the existing templates.

Tell Me

In Office Online was an integrated feature of Tell Me. Simply enter a query in Russian in the «What you want to do?» at the top of the dashboard to get access to the available tools and begin to use them.

Improved proofing tools

For a time Office Online showed only the total number of words in the document (in the lower left corner of the document). Now introduced a function that counts selected words to aid in counting words in a specific part of the document. In addition, the service has improved the spell checker.

Office Online on the go

The release of Office for Android tablets has brought a new way to edit documents on the go. Now after you install office apps on your device you will be able to access them directly from Office Online. For example, using Chrome for Android you can open a document from Office Online in the appropriate application using the appropriate commands: «Open in Word», «Open in Excel» or «Open in PowerPoint».

Office Online обзавелся первыми существенными улучшениями в текущем году<

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