Office 2016 Touch for Windows 10: Word, Excel and PowerPoint to video

By | 10.12.2018

Office 2016 Touch for Windows 10: Word, Excel and PowerPoint to video

Along with new operating system with a recent presentation where Microsoft has done a lot of noise, the company also is preparing a new Office, and in two versions: one classic for desktop computers and one for devices with touch screens. We know of quite a few, but thanks to a new video by WinBeta, we can see the main apps (Excel, World and Power Point) in the touch version of the new Office in all their glory.

This is not the final version, however, the video gives a great idea of the optimization for touch screens will be offered to the users of the respective devices.

Because Office Touch is part of the concept of «Universal apps», it will be available on the classic PC keyboard and mouse, and on smartphones and tablets.

WinBeta demonstrated Office Touch in the desktop environment and, as the video shows, the interface is the same for all three programs. You can see a new menu button with the size that makes them convenient to use on touch devices. However, that doesn’t make them less convenient for use in conjunction «mouse + keyboard».

Testing was conducted on two systems: a desktop PC with a 27-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and a 7-inch tablet with HD resolution; in both cases, WinBeta noted excellent usability.

From : WinBeta

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