Office 2016: overview of the changes in a new office Suite from Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

Office 2016: overview of changes in the new office package from Microsoft

Demonstration of office package Microsoft Office 2016, designed to change the post version of Office 2013, took place on the day of the official release of the new Windows 10 – July 29 this year. A preliminary evaluation version of Office 2016 Preview to the public appeared in may of this year. In early summer the official version of the office Suite was presented for the Mac OS and the official release Office 2016 for Windows is scheduled for late fall of this year. The new office Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

The trial version of Office 2016 Preview

Without waiting for the next release of Office 2016, anyone can see with a trial version of Preview absolutely for free.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

Available on the Microsoft website in versions for 32 — and 64-bit Windows systems.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

Non-activated trial version of Office 2016 Preview without any limitations, you can use 29 days from the date of installation. Free use of the activated product will be limited to specific date – November 18 of this year, after which the Preview version you will need to either convert to the official Office 2016, or honestly remove it from the computer.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

The activation wizard Office 2016 Preview appears perfectly when you first start one of the applications package. You can activate your product and at any point later in the section of any of the apps Account, under «license Options». Here you can run on-demand conversion process versions Preview in a full-fledged Office 2016.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

How has the new office Suite from Microsoft 2016 compared with its previous version of Office 2013?


Running any of the apps for Office 2016, you will not see any revolutionary changes. It is still the same Microsoft Office 2013 interface is displayed in a modern flat style. The only obvious innovation that catches the eye immediately when you run any of the components of the new office Suite is preinstalled saturated colors of the menu bar in accordance with the color of the application shortcuts.

The main idea for Office 2016 is an adaptability for various operating systems, different devices and their screens, and various control methods. For example, when switching devices based on Windows 10 from normal desktop mode to tablet mode, see how the ribbon immediately will become larger because of the increase and the controls, and the distance between them. This so-called streaming design principle of the interface when the controls are compressed and stretched, preserving its aspect ratio.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftOffice assistant

Office 2016 has not returned nor office assistant Skrepysh or any other animated character, who is a funny clip when it was possible to change the settings in help functions to the user. Let me remind you, interactive characters-assistants have been removed from the office Suite, starting with Microsoft Office 2007, because of the abundance of criticism in their address. Microsoft decided not to experiment with animated characters, but we have arranged the new Office 2016 ordinary field keyword search for quick access to application functions.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftSmart search

Applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook added a new context menu item, respectively, new features – smart search. Calling using the context menu, smart search, on any pre-selected in the document the word or phrase you can find images as well as get information from Wikipedia and other authoritative reference web resources. The results of smart search will be compactly represented on appears to the right of the small panel.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftHandwritten input method equations

In Word, Excel and PowerPoint appeared the handwriting input mathematical equations. Data entered by a stylus, finger or mouse pointer, is automatically converted into text formula.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftInnovate Excel

Excel has an improved analysis and modeling of data are also a collection of diagrams.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftAttachments in Outlook emails from the OneDrive cloud

Just changed the specifics of sending it via mail client Microsoft Outlook files stored in the cloud storage OneDrive. When creating the email with attachment from OneDrive is sent to the recipient, not the file itself and link to it. The sender can set as full access to the file permission editing and access is restricted to only viewing.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от MicrosoftShared access to documents

Collaborative editing of documents online – not a new feature in the Microsoft Office product. Previously it was possible to use in web versions of Office applications Online. And only now this feature is matured to its integration into the desktop applications of the office Suite. Now the author of the document can initiate collaborative editing online inside desktop office applications, and all he need is to save the document inside the OneDrive. Co-authors of the document don’t have an account Microsoft. They will be able to join the document in the browser window by clicking on the link, like authorization in the web service Office Online, or without such. To the authors saw online made to document changes, these changes must be applied to a save button.

Office 2016: обзор изменений в новом офисном пакете от Microsoft

Summing up…

It is obvious that Office 2016 not yet grown to the format of the new version of the software product and is a rather rework the existing version of Office 2013. Because, apparently, a trial version of Office 2016 Preview, despite the warnings from Microsoft about possible failures of the product under test, since her public access for download, in most cases, works stable, without any glitches as it happens when testing really new software.

Has the new Office 2016 nimble in the work, as is claimed by its developers? The small difference in performance, compared with any earlier version of Microsoft Office, in some cases, will be the owners of low powered devices. Computer users on the basis of modern hardware facilities are unlikely to notice the difference in performance compared to Office 2013, which also works very quickly.

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