About how SEOshniki began advertising specialists

Today, many began to talk about what contextual advertising is much more effective way to attract customers to your site rather than promotion of the site in the search engine. Although we always talked about it. And there is nothing surprising, as the owner of the resource kontektsnaya advertising release from bondage to the search engines, you can create a website that you are interested, and interesting to your customers, rather than adapt to the search engine. And yet you do not have to worry that as a result of stupid mistakes or chance your site will drop out of the search, because in this context it does not matter. The more you pay for clicks, not for those who saw your ad and website. A is — more client.

But another surprise. People who have more recently lured clients and imposed their promotion is now pereobulsya and preach a new religion. Moreover, for a certain percentage of the services they are willing to take to set up your company. But again, we say no. Since you can set up an advertising campaign yourself in each contextual advertising system. Or go directly to the system where you will set up your company perfectly. Those who understand this.

A majority of SEOs, optimizers are too indirect relation to advertising. Text optimized for search has the same relation to advertising, as the boots to ballet. You do not want to go into the system — please contact the advertising agency where your advertising campaign will set up a professional advertising agency, rather than yesterday’s schoolboy miracle prolezshie in SEO. Remember, advertising is a specific genre, and it is no exaggeration to call the synthesis of science, culture, art and business. And beyond the power of a simple web master to solve the challenges posed by an advertising campaign in front of him. In the end, remember, more recently these people promoted service that has become obsolete. And this means that experts call them difficult.

Therefore, it is not necessary to compromise and better than contextual advertising systems, no one will set you your advertising campaign.

2 thoughts on “About how SEOshniki began advertising specialists

  1. Илья

    I agree with the fact that the context of a better person to do it. Yes now you can unwind by the same sepultom, submarine earthquake, hands. Which, by the way, you think about the applicability of such services?

    1. Realist Post author

      To be honest, I’m not very prone to the slightest mechanization. For me even a blog — a victory over himself. But many of my friends work with these systems, and pleased with the results. I sincerely believe that quality content will sooner or later attract customers or site turns into a project that is profitable by itself. After all, the real advertising optimization knows to this day in advertising agencies sit real people and brainstorm coming up with advertising. And if we are waiting for from the site advertising effect, and must work with the same methods. That is not to waste your time on primitive methods and not to pursue a rapid start. After all, the proverb «haste makes waste» is suitable to the situation with the promotion of the site at 100! And if we need a result, it is necessary to wait and work on it. His friends, I always give the same advice.
      1. Do not rush to invest money in the website, especially if the site came after the company began to work.
      2. But the site to run sooner rather than start working. So you save a couple of months. Office found no problem, but what office, if customers do not come to you.
      3. Work methodically and not be guided by the «dash» method. If you work today and tomorrow, Philo and the corresponding result.
      4. Create a site visitors the advantage that you are the easiest way to track the performance of the site.
      5. Keep in mind, if the conditions of cooperation with your company is not profitable, the advertising and the site will not help sales.

      I myself is that, in practice, believe in GoGetLinks and GetGoodLinks , at least I see in the system the same optimizers who work with decent budgets . But then again I do not believe in the values ​​for customers, in my opinion puzomerki interesting to those whose income depends on their performance.


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