About SEO and Guarantees

By | 07.04.2016

Very often I see websites studios offering services to promote the site marvelous phrase: promotion with results guaranteed! And marvel dayus. I, professional advertisers and marketers can not guarantee the result even if I have on hand will be a detailed report, a detailed budgeted activities and a team of professionals (designers, optimizers, copywriters, publicists and other advertising fraternity), as advertising and promotion can hardly be attributed to advertising, it is always the element of surprise and the surprise is not excluded. And here, on you — guarantee! Even envy takes — such confidence. And I could not help think, whether it is a conscious fraud, or Chukchi naive, or Napoleon’s time to move over and make room for new patients and psychiatrists to introduce the new term «syndrome Optimizer.»

I sincerely believe Guided by my skepticism and realism, it’s nothing but a lie, a lie, the purpose of which is to make profit. More precisely not exactly a lie. Indeed, I can give a guarantee, albeit conditional, that I will raise the site in search of fast and up to 99%, but then I honestly say that the methods of promotion are black, blacker than ever. Having bought links can be for some time to guarantee the result, but as a bonus you get a guarantee ban Yandex and there could guarantee a certain position in the search — 100%.

While SEOs can understand. Indeed, many customers stick with a knife to her throat, demanding guarantees and are not always able to understand why the quality promotion is expensive, it takes a long time, guarantees — no, but to understand what the person is engaged — it is impossible. So it turns out that order.

So everyone, including customers, it’s time to realize that the situation with Web design and site promotion is the best suited wonderful phrase from «The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda»

… And then I remarked Balda reproachfully, not chasing you, pop, for cheapness.

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