NVIDIA: best graphics will remain on PC

By | 10.12.2018

NVIDIA: the best graphics will remain on the PC

According to NVIDIA, the chances that a console can surpass a PC in terms of quality of graphics, tend to zero. They don’t even exist. Senior Vice President, division of content and technology at NVIDIA Tony Tamasi (the man behind the idea of the NVIDIA Shield), said that «consoles don’t have the opportunity to work the best personal computers in the graphic respect.»

«NVIDIA spends $ 1.5 billion on research and development of technologies in the field of graphics. Every year. In the span of one console we have spent over 10 billion dollars on graphic design,» said Tamasi. «Sony and Microsoft can’t afford such expenses,» he continued.

In his words is the truth. Personal computers equipped with high-performance, but also more expensive graphics cards, really ahead of the console for the quality and detail of the graphics. However, the configuration with GPU lower class can not boast of such superiority.

Offensive words Tamasi may have another explanation. Company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which is the main rival, NVIDIA, won the contract to manufacture the GPU for the two upcoming consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So NVIDIA will have to focus on personal computers. New consoles from Sony and Microsoft will offer a level of graphics that are comparable to that provide PC. At least after they are released. Tamasi notes that «no one can build a machine that will be more powerful than PC.»

He’s right, but things need to be considered from a different angle. Consumers buy the console at a fixed price and get the finished product, and although it cannot be improved, it is very well optimized – as and games for him. The price of the new console will be 400-500 euros. One high performance video card for a PC can cost twice as much – only graphics card, no other components. Update computer makes it much more interesting, but computers are not just for games while the console was created for this. Do you agree with the words of Tony Tamasi?

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