NTLite for Windows 7/8

By | 10.12.2018

NTLite for Windows 7/8

If you use the operating system from Microsoft since Windows XP, chances are high that you are familiar with the tool nLite which allows you to configure the installation of the Windows XP distribution through the integration of the drivers (or packs) and removal of native programs.

Later, when the world was Windows Vista, the developer (Dino Nuhagic) has released a new tool called vLite that is designed to work with Windows Vista. However, for some reason the developer hasn’t released a new program with support for Windows 7 and for a very long time not updated nLite and vLite.

To our delight, last week, Dino Nuhagic has released the next generation of its tool – NTLite. This program is designed to fine-tune installer Windows 7, Windows 8 and later versions of the Windows operating system.

Like its predecessors, NTLite is a powerful utility with the ability to remove various Windows components of the operating system distribution and adding drivers and updates.

NTLite для Windows 7/8

The ability to make changes to already installed Windows without reinstalling operating system, is the main point of this program, but this feature is only available in the Pro version of NTLite.

The free version allows you to remove some Windows components and integrating updates/drivers. In addition, the program allows you to apply a number of tweaks and create a distro with support for unattended setup. In General, the ability to modify already installed operating system is the only major missing feature in the free version.

NTLite для Windows 7/8

This is the first release of the program, so that during use you may encounter various errors. But if NTLite will be updated regularly, it can be a faithful companion for many Windows users who need a free tool for working with the installer, given that popular RT7Lite has long been not updated.

NTLite now supports 32-bit and 64-bit edition of Windows. It is important to note that the free version is for personal use only. And yet, please note that SmartScreen may prevent you from launching the installation file NTLite, but you can safely ignore this warning.

NTLite from the official website of the developer

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