NTLDR is missing what to do?

By | 10.12.2018

NTLDR is missing what to do?

If you one fine morning/afternoon/evening watching your favorite computer, and in response, instead of the desktop I see only black screen and an inscription NTLDR is missing, what to do in this case? You can invoke a wizard that will help you to solve this problem and to pay him the money, and you can try to do it yourself.

This message (NTLDR is missing) suggests that the lost boot loader of your operating system. To bring this back to a working state copy of each computer file:ntldr (the ntldr file is located in root of the system drive) to your computer to the root of the system drive, booted from a disk-Reanimator, for example, BartPE. Also, NTLDR can be downloaded online.

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