Now Windows App Studio allows you to create apps for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Now Windows App Studio allows you to create apps for Windows 10

Windows App Studio free tool to create apps without programming skills, got a number of changes that Microsoft has officially announced in the Windows blog. It is still in test phase, but already supports Windows 10, in addition to updates in the user interface. Thus, starting today, you can start to develop apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs with Windows 10.

We redesigned the website Window App Studio beta, and now it not only matches the style of Windows 10, but became easier to use on any device. You can create apps for Windows 10 and in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

Applications for Windows 10 that are created using this tool at the moment can only be used for testing purposes, but this year Microsoft is planning to activate the procedure for the approval of such applications and their subsequent publication in Store. Another point to note is that Window App Studio allows you to create a universal app, usable on any device with Windows 10.

Теперь Windows App Studio позволяет создавать приложения для Windows 10

Latest update to Windows Studio Beta also introduces some improvements of relativity functionality: dynamic tiles created using the application tool will now work more stable and will consume less energy; introduced support requests to the Xbox Music catalog (for example, to get the cover of the album or start playing music when the user clicks on a certain link); finally, it was updated Analytics Application Insights, which now allows you to track the use and application crashes.

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