Nokia tested Android devices

By | 10.12.2018

Nokia was testing Android devices

Before the deal, under which Microsoft is buying Nokia, we all had a chance to see a Nokia smartphone with Android operating system, reports The New York Times. Moreover, Nokia was organized by a team of people who experimented with Android on the Lumia devices, and to transfer Android to Nokia hardware have not had to make any Herculean efforts. The information comes from internal and who refused to give his name because the project was classified, however, executives at Microsoft knew what was happening.

On the one hand, this news is not really surprising. Every company must be a «Plan B» for cases in which the need to quickly change their strategy to survive in the market. Functioning Android smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer could be a good argument that would show Microsoft that the company may abandon Windows Phone and concentrate on Android is a mobile operating system that is installed on every third out of four smartphones sold worldwide. Representatives of Nokia and Microsoft declined to comment on the leak.

Cooperation with Microsoft began in 2011 when Nokia announced that it would use Windows Phone in their smartphones. Nokia could get out of this partnership at the end of 2014, and the breakup of a relationship between the two companies would be painful for both parties. Nokia is responsible for 80% of sold devices with Windows Phone, and this means that future Nokia Windows Phone will be called into question. While the transfer of Nokia to other mobile platform (in this case Android) would require the company huge costs.

Nokia is constantly criticized for the choice of operating system. The market share of the Finns fell to 3% in the first half of 2013 For comparison – in 2010 the company’s share amounted to 32.8%.

Perhaps, Nokia would have gone much better if they chose Android. Now, however, it will remain only at the level of speculation. But on the same level there is another interesting question – if the company tested the device with Android, not whether it could affect the decision of Microsoft to acquire Nokia mobile business? As mentioned above, Nokia sells 80% of all Windows Phone models. If in the following year the company moved to Android, it probably just would have killed Windows Phone. Although, in the case of difficulties Microsoft could turn to another partner for HTC, for example. The Taiwanese also offer phones on WP, but the cooperation between Microsoft and HTC has never been so strong, and above all – exclusive. One thing is certain – a chance to see a Nokia phone with Android was left in the field of science fiction.


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