Nokia prepares smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 2 SIM cards

By | 09.12.2018

Nokia is preparing a smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1 2 SIM cards

Nokia готовит смартфон с Windows Phone 8.1 и 2 SIM-картамиA few days ago it was reported that Windows Phone 8.1 will support a software key, which is a necessary condition for the creation of cheaper smartphones with this operating system. This was reported by evleaks.

Now this also published a screenshot taken on the device codenamed Nokia Moneypenny. In addition to confirming the information about the appearance of the software buttons, the screenshot is a proof that the mobile platform will receive the support of 2 SIM-cards. This will add the advantages of WP devices in markets such as India and China where devices of this type are extremely popular.

In addition, if we assume that the time on the screenshot indicates the official name of this smartphone, then he will go under the name Nokia Lumia 630. Although this is just speculation.

It is expected that the premiere of the device will be held in the near future, but this is unlikely because first, Microsoft had officially announced Windows Phone 8.1, and only then followed by the presentation of the new smartphones. And the announcement of Windows Phone 8.1 will reportedly take place no earlier than spring of 2014

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