Nokia Messaging: features and benefits

By | 10.12.2018

Nokia Messaging – email

Nokia Messaging is rather convenient and practical service that provides the implementation of automatic e-mail delivery.

The development of the project was the result of long negotiations between representatives of the Finnish company Nokia with representatives of the Norwegian operator Network Norway, with the conclusion of a special agreement. It is according to the latter, each subscriber named operator since July of 2017 has the ability to get full access to this convenient mail service.

Nokia Messaging: особенности и преимущества сервиса

Mail service Nokia Messaging is quite comfortable and has a rather simple and easy to configure interface, which is its most important advantage. The postal service provides all users with access to personal mailboxes, which can be only ten. It is worth noting the point that this resource is able to provide access to all mailboxes with a specific phone model.

In addition, under the agreements, representatives from both companies — Nokia and Network Norway — each subscriber of the Norwegian operator will be able to get full support, which carry such popular solutions like Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.

Each user of the service is quite free to be able to read all my mail, as well as to implement sending multiple personal messages. In addition, each subscriber will be able to perform the forwarding of private messages, and to fully answer all incoming at his box of letters. The resource also provides a great way for people to be able to upload and attach various files.

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