Nokia kept secrets from Microsoft for Windows Phone

By | 10.12.2018

Nokia kept secrets from Microsoft for Windows Phone

Microsoft is going to spend 5.44 billion euros (7.2 billion dollars) on the acquisition of devices and services Nokia. For a long time these companies worked together, but in the beginning their partnership was a period when something that Nokia kept secrets from Microsoft.

It so happened that Nokia was working on new devices without informing Microsoft that, working on his software, was not aware of what hardware will be used in these devices. Ultimately, this led to a situation in which Microsoft was forced to make some changes at the last moment. In General, something could be done differently and much better if Nokia worked with greater transparency. You may remember how Nokia was slow with its first smartphones based on Windows Phone, and it is very possible that the secrecy of the company and caused this.

Many look at the purchase of Nokia, as the only way to ensure a bright future for Windows Phone. Nokia is a proven player in the market, and it seems to allows Microsoft not to fear for the concerns of other hardware partners in relation to this transaction – «Over the years, someone came, and someone left. The situation is unlikely to change,» says the company. And really, why to worry when more than 80% of sales of smartphones with Windows Phone accounted for the Lumia family from Nokia.

: Phone Arena

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