New Windows can get one more feature Windows Phone

By | 10.12.2018

New Windows can get another Windows Phone

The flow of information on the features built into Windows 9, it seems, is not going to stop. This is facilitated by the web site who has the technical version of the operating system.

Over the past few days mentioned shared lots of screenshots and videos, plus revealed the first information on two interesting features that can become part of the final version. We are talking about Storage Sense and WiFi Sense. Those of you who followed with interest the developments around Windows Phone, be sure to catch the similarity with the features integrated into the mobile platform from Microsoft.

About Storage Sense we wrote earlier today. Just note that it is the center for memory management of the device.

At the same time, Wi-Fi Sense is missing from build 9834, but not completely. In fact, this feature is not yet integrated into the interface of the operating system, but in the system registry were found the record that suggests that the WiFi Sense will debut in one of the following assemblies.

Новая Windows может получить еще одну особенность Windows Phone

Just like in Windows Phone, Wi-Fi Sense to Windows 9 will simplify the process of connecting to public WiFi access points.

Although some aspects may change by the time of the launch of the final version, now there is a clear desire by Microsoft to migrate to Windows some of the features of Windows Phone.

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