New iPhone 8 will have a radical redesign

By | 11.12.2018

The new iPhone 8 will see a radical redesign

In the Network appeared information about the new features of iPhone 8. Through the media were brought together information from various insiders. The upcoming flagship will be original compared to other devices from the company. Journalists believe that Americans would be a radical redesign.

Новый iPhone 8 будет иметь кардинальный редизайн

Gordon Kelly who is a columnist from Forbes, was collected from the Internet all the data about the fitting and design of the upcoming device. Insiders are constantly talking about new details and with the selection information it is possible to obtain a complete picture of the phone.

The smartphone will have edge-to-edge 5.8-inch screen, which will stretch from one end to the other. Home button is missing, and Touch ID built right into the screen.

The new model, like its predecessor, will be waterproof, but the manufacturer decided that water protection should be strengthened. iPhone 8 will release in fall of this year or early next.

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