New details about Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10 (+ new image)

By | 10.12.2018

New details about Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10 (new images)

Microsoft Spartan, the new browser for Windows 10, again in the spotlight with a new series of rumors that spread editor The Verge Tom Warren, citing its I.

Warren indicates that despite the similarity in the interface with competing web browsers, Spartan will have features not found in other browsers. First, Spartan will support handwriting input function, which will allow you to add notes and annotations to web pages with a stylus and share them with friends and colleagues. The function will use OneDrive, so all your notes will be synchronized with other devices.

Also confirmed the integration of Cortana, a personal voice assistant from Windows Phone, which, as already known, will be part of Windows 10. Cortana will be integrated into the address bar of the browser to help users with tasks such as booking hotels, tickets, and package tracking. With the addition of Cortana in Spartan, the company plans to replace all the Bing implementation, which we see today in Internet Explorer.

Новые подробности о Spartan, новом браузере для Windows 10 (+ новые изображения)

Another feature of Spartan will be a new method of grouping tabs. For example, the user can separate the tabs with the personal content from those associated with the work.

As regards support for custom themes, then replied in the negative. Initially Microsoft included this feature, but later decided not to integrate it. However, this does not preclude the emergence of this feature in future releases.

Other information confirms that the Spartan is designed for PC, tablets and smartphones, and will be distributed in the form of downloadable apps from the Windows Store that promises a very fast update functions. Microsoft, at least initially, will not distribute the browser as a universal application, there will be two different versions, one in a desktop application (will also be available in the Windows Store) and the second in the form of modern applications for tablets and smartphones.

With regard to the role to be played Spartan in Windows 10, Warren stresses that he will be the main browser. Coexistence with Internet Explorer due solely to reasons of backwards compatibility.

Microsoft plans to achieve a very great resemblance between the versions of Spartan for smartphones, tablets and PCs. The desktop version is described as a simplified version of Chrome with maximum ease.

Shortly after the publication of Tom Warren’s Chinese site CNBeta has published a new image browser that shows the design matching what we saw a few days ago. In addition, in one image we can see Cortana in the address bar with a distinctive blue icon in the form of a circle. Another change (in the second image below) that is not associated with the new browser, is a new design of the taskbar with the new icon design.

Новые подробности о Spartan, новом браузере для Windows 10 (+ новые изображения)

Detailed information about Spartan, will be unveiled at a press conference, Microsoft on January 21.

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