New data on the approaching Windows 9

By | 10.12.2018

New information about the upcoming Windows 9

As you approach 30 September, expected to be released a Preview version of Windows 9, appear all new and new rumors on this topic. We are now awaiting the return of the start menu, the integration of voice assistant Cortana, virtual desktops, and some changes to the Charm bar.

Now WZor claims to have new reliable information about changes in Windows 9. According to him, the Metro user interface will be disabled by default in enterprise and server editions of the operating system. He added that the preliminary version of Windows 9 Enterprise ready, and the test version of Windows 9 Pro will not be available to the General public. Test version of Windows 9 RT also supposedly ready but can be tested on the Surface of the third generation (there may be an error, because the Surface 3 on the basis of the ARM does not exist, but maybe in the near future the company will announce such a device).

It is reported that the upgrade to Windows 9 for customers who purchased Windows 8 separately or together with a computer will cost about $ 20. Microsoft will also try to attract Windows 7 users, offering them a new operating system at a reduced price.

Among the other innovations in Windows 9, which WZor wrote, there is support for 3D to Ultra HD TVs, save and restore system image from cloud and also a new feature called Cloud Hypervisor.


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