Network adapters — select the device

By | 10.12.2018

Network adapters — select the device

The charger or the network adapter one of the first items to be replaced in the laptop, even with careful use. Charging always works hard, drop it, come, losing, in the case of the differential voltage it first takes the brunt of it, protecting the laptop.

Network adapter – what is it and how to find the correct replacement?

What adapter laptop?

The external network adapter not just supplies current to the laptop, and converts the voltage from 220V or 110V to the required for your computer 18-24V. Modern manufacturers produce adapters which work on the principle of pulse conversion, for you this means the most efficient conversion with minimal loss. Simply put, saving energy without loss of capacity.

Important tasks of the charger

The laptop is much vulnerable to voltage surges than, for example, a regular computer. Even a small drop can burn important the Board so that the device cannot be restored.

Сетевой адаптер для ноутбука - выбираем устройство

Technically, to install the power supply directly into the body quite economical, therefore, the network adapter is a power supply that protects the notebook from power surges on the network. On average, depending on model, battery of laptop can withstand the jump by 5-15% more than the normal working voltage.

Life extension network adapter

To extend the life of your network adapter, you need to perform a number of simple rules:

  • do not leave the power supply plugged in and not connected to the laptop;
  • first connect the charger to the laptop and then to a wall outlet;
  • do not allow overheating. For example, do not cover the adapter during operation, do not hold close to the heater;
  • do not let the pet to bask in the power supply or played with any;
  • use only in rooms.
  • keep the device clean in case of contamination, clean with a dry cloth or a cloth, first disconnect from the network.

if the power supply is rated at less power than that used laptop, then most likely the adapter will burn without the possibility of recovery will be better if you break it is the adapter, not the laptop suits me

Video: universal power adapter laptops

How to choose exercises for the famous notebook

If your charger is out of order, in no case do not throw it away. On the original power supply always specified parameters and service codes, which is easy to find a replacement. As a minimum, you need to take a picture of the features and plug to show the service center that you are looking for.

Power supply to replace can be original and unoriginal.

The original adapter is usually issued directly by the manufacturer of the laptop and meets all required specifications. Original power supply is of high quality and reliability, and, accordingly, higher price.

Non-original power supply units are available for the specific brand of laptop, but often come across universal, equipped with a set of plugs and voltage switch. Quality device can ensure that only the firm which it produces, and, unfortunately, there are aftermarket adapters often come across a cheap and low-quality models.

When buying a universal charger, settings, and plug suitable for your laptop, you will need to install yourself. Capacity universal battery is not installed manually, so indicated on the power supply must be greater than or equal to the one that you need for your laptop. Find out in advance if the set of plugs suitable for your model, be prepared for possible incompatibilities. Some brands of laptops, for example, generally do not work with aftermarket and universal devices.

Сетевой адаптер для ноутбука - выбираем устройство

The parameters that define the line laptop charger:

  1. the type of plug. In most cases, each notebook vendor is releasing its own special connector, because chargers and laptops of different brands not working;
  2. voltage. Is measured in volts (V) and often has a range from 15V to 24;
  3. maximum current, measured in amperes (A) may be more nominal, but should not be less than
  4. power, measured in watts (W) may be higher than necessary laptop, but not below. If the power is not specified in the specifications of the adapter, is calculated by simply multiplying the specified current and voltage.

We should also mention the input voltage, since in all countries their industrial network standards, the range of most of the charging range from 100V to 240V. This allows you to use the device with our 220V for U.S. 110V, but in rare cases, if the laptop is purchased abroad, the maximum input voltage can not meet our standards.

Safety in use

The network adapter is quite simple by today’s standards the device, but still requires certain security measures when using:

  1. do not attempt to open the PSU case, even if it is reversed that’s a proven master;
  2. switch off the adapter from the network during thunderstorms;
  3. before you connect the adapter, check all specifications with your laptop. The mismatch can result in permanent damage to either the power supply or the laptop;

    Сетевой адаптер для ноутбука - выбираем устройство

  4. do not attempt to connect power supply in case of damage of its elements;
  5. even well-protected cable should be protected from the legs of chairs, Pets and children;
  6. like any other electrical device, the adapter does not tolerate water and other..

Driver network adapter for the laptop – manage power

Whenever you get a new charger, we recommend you to download driver for network adapter Windows 7 for laptop to optimize the work of the new device. These drivers bring huge benefits in energy consumption balance and performance, are responsible for the correct display of the laptop, ensure the stable operation of the device. In addition, the adapter driver, maintaining the balance of power of the battery, increases its service life several times.

Possible problems with the adapter

If the laptop does not see the network adapter, you need to define one of the possible causes. First, check for possible mechanical causes:

  1. the absence of voltage in the network;
  2. check house lights, if there is, then most likely the problem is in the socket;
  3. the failure of the adapter. If the laptop is charging from another charger, most likely your will need repair or replacement. Do not attempt to repair the adapter yourself, refer to specialists;

    Сетевой адаптер для ноутбука - выбираем устройство

  4. breakage of a plug or socket of the laptop. Similarly, it is necessary to consult specialists, such problems are not solved independently.
  5. broken, torn, or broken cord. A relatively simple breakdown is solved by a master for 15 minutes. Do not attempt to repair it yourself, if you do not understand it.

If the charger and the laptop is fine, but charging is still there, cause most likely, a software problem:

  • the fault of the BIOS. A sloppy attempt to solve this problem may cause great damage to all the laptop. The reason for this failure can be a powerful virus attack, or a failed BIOS update. Do not risk once again and give the laptop in for repair;
  • violations of the driver. This is a rare problem, but it is impossible to exclude such variant. Test the drivers with a special program and then reinstall malfunctioning.

The network adapter is a simple and model detail, but requires careful handling. To the question of buying a new charger is necessary to approach responsibly, checking all the factors and characteristics, as it depends on not only the money spent, but and the condition of your laptop.

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