Do not change the settings Folder — is not possible to gain access to hidden Windows file

By | 27.04.2016

Do not change the settings Folder

In some cases, viruses are changing registry entries that do not allow you to open to view hidden files and folders. After changes in the tab «View» in the «Folder Options», described in the article How to enable display of hidden files and folders , hidden folders and files still do not appear in My Computer. More precisely, these changes do not take effect. If you continue to go into the Properties folder, you will see that there still are settings that hide the show hidden files and folders. Their change is blocked changes to the registry values.

In consequence of this situation it is often not possible to change the hidden hosts file or delete the viral script startup .

Fortunately, registry entries, blocking the show hidden files, it is easy to return to the original settings. This is most easily done using tools the AVZ ( download here ).

Run the utility AVZ4 (in Windows 7 to run as administrator need: right button — Run as administrator). Choose FileSystem Restore .

In the window that appears, check the item Restore Explorer settings , and then click Execute selected operations . On completion of the recovery operation, close the utility. Now, change the setting in Folder Options to show hidden files. The settings should be preserved and hidden files will be available for viewing, editing and deleting.

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