We are looking into the Napoleons

By | 27.04.2016

… We all learned a little,
something and somehow,
So raise the glory of God,
We do not wonder to shine …

Since then, these words took a long time have been written. But human nature is such that the desire to show itself in all its beauty and power of winning everything. That’s why we love to advise, evaluate, criticize. I will not sin against the truth: my favorite business tips criticism. It should be noted that I have succeeded in this. Firstly, I have only once in his life faced with the board, which is difficult to argue with for almost forty years. This Council was to sleep until there vozmozhnost.Imenno sleep I miss categorically and now if I have the opportunity I sleep. All other tips, advice, instructions were not under a no practical justification and the test of time did not stand. Personally, I do not need math, and much of the knowledge acquired at school. Until now I regret the time spent.

But read the tips still love. But the most striking board, to which I have paid attention and after that I had an overwhelming desire to analyze the advice was the advice from Cosmo. For a sober person in itself illogical idea of this magazine. However, it is popular and it turned out that by the nature of the activities have to read it to me. I even learned to see in this lesson, meaning and joy. The brain shuts down safely and thoroughly, plus from time to time in the articles found frazochki funny that I read to her husband as a joke. So. One day I came across an amazing title, I can not forget that a few years later. It sounded like this: «How to wear a dress.» Bearing in mind that the cover should the voting age 16+ that log a lot of materials about how to build a career and family life, we can assume that rare magazine’s readers less than 13. But even if we assume that Cosmo barely begin to read by learning letters remains an open question, how can you not be able to wear dresses? Looking through old family photos I have no-no running into pictures in which a baby, read, walk, and even does not know how to sit in the dress. The baby in the photos is growing, possession of new and new knowledge in different dresses, skirts, sarafan. And by the age when the dress is adjacent book art wear is developed to perfection. What to speak of an age when she finally learns of gloss ?! The first time I saw Cosmo, I was able to wear dresses, and I did not occur to you that this skill can be proud of, and so do not know how all! And if in 16 or even earlier, the girl has not learned to walk in dresses and other clothes, how she can help the magazine? After all, at this age, it should be able to be a woman, and to learn it specifically on articles from magazines ???

But even more than the topics on which you can get advice striking diversity affects the manner of delivery. Of course, giving advice and would like to demonstrate a rich vocabulary and deep knowledge of, and in the case of online publications and receive the SEO effect. But not to the same degree.

For example, January 23, 2014, Sergei Rubtsov, head of the promotion company YuniVeb published an article «Simple» sites have a greater chance of success. Given that the nominal purpose of the portal is to convey the information to the final audience, the very basic information donёs header. And even if we take into account the author’s desire to share their experience, the advantages of simple websites to complex can be described in a few words. But the article has several thousand marks! And what characters! Here is a small quote:

«The so-called» typical «is a basic mental image synthesized by the brain to facilitate the categorization of the surroundings …»

When the Institute I wrote a diploma in gender psychology, I would make the job simple and understandable, not only teachers, but also to anyone who takes it in his hands. I did everything to terms and difficult words in it were less, at the same time to simplify your life and no one asked to translate into human language what the diploma says.

It seems to me that the snobbish desire to use the terms where there is no need for this is a desire to humiliate the reader. After all, few people have seen the book by Eric Berne’s «Sex and the human love» under her real name of «cerebral and behavioral correlates of mating in communities of great apes.» So why is the portal for those who want a little better understanding of the principles of promotion of sites such complexities. And thus the phrase quoted above pseudoscientific. That is, the reader wades through a jungle of complex words and supposedly terms, but from a scientific definition of it as far as say the magazine Cosmo from the Science Foundation of the Lenin Library. So worth it happen to break the language, explaining to the reader that it is «easy» taxis?

You agree that in an effort to complicate the flow of information slips something of shamans who possessed sacred, inaccessible to others, knowledge and FATA. But since centuries have passed! It may be enough to fill his worth complicating simple things and concepts?

I hope that I will give you some simple and straightforward tips that will not need deciphering.

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