MS working on a cloud streaming Xbox 360 games to Windows devices and WP

By | 10.12.2018

MS is working on cloud streaming Xbox 360 games to Windows devices and WP

Before a select audience, Microsoft has successfully demonstrated one of the exclusive games for the Xbox 360 on Windows Phone and PC – Halo 4. This became possible due to streaming through cloud infrastructure – Azure.

What does this mean? In the future the game for Xbox 360 will be compatible with all devices running Windows. For the demonstration the company used a Lumia 520 with the controller for the Xbox 360 and cheapest model hybrid ultrabook.

Currently, technology is at the prototype stage and carries the code name of Rio, but in the future Microsoft intends to offer it in the format of streaming service. The reason for this step is that the main competitor of the company in the field of video games – Sony – is going to move PS3 games on PS4 and other compatible devices, including smartphones and tablets Xperia. For this purpose, the Japanese have acquired the service Gaikai.

Unfortunately, gamers are unlikely to avoid buying a Xbox One or PS4 if they want to play games for these consoles, but at least with these streaming services, they will not suffer from the inability to play your favorite game for Xbox 360 or PS3 on next-generation consoles. At a price of $60 for a new game such inability will have disastrous consequences.

The incompatibility between the Xbox One and PS4 with games for old consoles tied to completely different hardware. PC-chipsets from AMD in the Xbox One and PS4 have nothing to do with dual-core Xenon in the Xbox 360 and ultra-sophisticated processor from IBM in the PS3, and the software emulation of the architecture impossible at this stage.

: The Verge

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