MS released Windows 10 build 10049 browser Spartan

By | 10.12.2018

MS has released Windows 10 build 10049 browser Spartan

MS выпустила Windows 10 build 10049 с браузером Spartan

Microsoft released a new build 10049 operating system Windows 10, which contains a browser, Project Spartan, designed to take the place of Internet Explorer. New web browser is the main novelty of this Assembly, although it fixed some bugs of the previous preview.

New build available in the quick mode updates, and Microsoft has decided not to release it in the form of ISO file. The participants of the program Windows Insider can upgrade to build 10049, selecting «Fast» in Windows Update.

As for Spartan, it not only offers a new interface, but based on a completely new engine that is optimized to significantly increase the speed of the browser. The app offers digital assistant Cortana, which means that users can use voice commands to search for content and surfing the Internet. Now Cortana can use only U.S. users, but the company has confirmed the availability for other countries in future builds.

Another interesting feature of the browser is the ability to write text and make annotations directly on the pages. Moreover, this feature allows you to save and send your notes to OneNote, social networks and email.

Spartan also offers a Reading List («List»), which allows to keep in one place all the interesting news and content that the user wants to read later. In addition to this feature Reading View («Mode reader») that converts the contents of the web pages in a readable format.

MS выпустила Windows 10 build 10049 с браузером Spartan<

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