MS Office 2013: the use of features and benefits

By | 10.12.2018

Features in MS Office 2013

With the products of Microsoft are familiar to most PC users. With the release of Office 2013, the company took the course for corporate use. In particular, the developers provided a number of innovations that simplify the work with the product.

Advantages of new version

Each program is designed to bring improvements from the previous version, and also provide a refinement of unused functions. Consider the strengths of Office 2013.

  1. New home screen with customizable. The user is prompted to configure the interface for easy and quick access to frequently used directories and files.
  2. Integration with network resources. There is the possibility to integrate documents directly to social networks or download a ready-made template for further work.
  3. More adaptive and intuitive features and functions. To work, you can use not only the keyboard but also touch screen. This gives you the opportunity to work not only on PCs but also on mobile platforms. Just enough to activate the touch controls in the Parameters tab.
  4. Menu buttons have been redesigned for the new interface. They became more flat. Their name is now capitalized.MS Office 2013: особенности использования и преимущества
  5. Microsoft Word learned to recognize the text in PDF format. Now you can not only save files in this format. You can open them and edit.
  6. Have the opportunity to use the package Word 2013 as a program for reading books. This contributes to AutoPower font and gesture controls on the touch screens.
  7. The use of cloud document storage to SkyDrive. Allows you to work on a document in a collective mode. The app remembers not just edits of the document, but the interface configuration and the latest lists of directories, with whom you have worked.
  8. A quick transition to the place where the last completed job. When the document is opened you will be prompted to go to the last place of work. This will cut your time searching for the desired section of the document.
  9. In Excel modified the quick fill tables. If you set the same type of data the user is prompted to auto-fill the same type of data.

License options

There are two types of licenses for the finished product:

  • individual open-ended;
  • Office 365 (for multiple machines by subscription).

The first option is ideal for those users who mainly use only the packages Word and Excel. The price of this package just over the head of the Office 365 subscription that includes the entire set of apps and 20 GB of free space on the cloud storage.

A few words in conclusion

As we can see, the new Microsoft Office 2013 got a solid set of new useful features. Was redesigned visual style and interface programs. All this can not affect the choice of office Suite applications.

We can safely say that the new product is definitely much more convenient and quicker previous. Definitely worth recommending it to mount on the mobile platform and on new machines. But whether to switch from Office 2010 to 2013 on a standard PC — only you can decide.

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