Mouse not working — What to do

By | 10.12.2018

The mouse does not work — What to do

The mouse may stop working due to several reasons. This article describes the main failure of the mouse and Troubleshooting.

Warning: If You have a mouse with a PS/2 connector, before disconnecting or connecting the mouse be sure to turn off the computer.

The mouse does not work — What to do?

The mouse stopped moving

If the mouse stopped moving, check the following:

1. Check the wire connection of the mouse with the computer. Turn off the computer, perevodite mouse and turn on the computer.

2. Check the leg of connector the mouse. If one leg of a connector PS/2 mouse bent, then straighten it. If the leg is broken, then You need to replace the cable:


3. Reinstall the driver. To do this, start device Manager. Click on the «+» in the tab Mice and other pointing devices and uninstall the Mouse. Then click the right mouse button on the top column of the list with Your computer name and select to Update the hardware configuration:

Wireless mouse does not work — What to do?

If You have a wireless mouse, try the following:

1. One of the most common reasons for not working the wireless mouse is dead batteries. Measure the voltmeter mouse and compare with the value that should be. If the batteries are weak, replace them.

2. Try using a different USB port to connect the receiver.

3. Try to reinstall the driver. The procedure is described above.

4. If there is another wireless device in the vicinity of Your mouse, it is possible to create interference. Try to disable the other device and test the mouse by rebooting the computer previously.

5. Synchronize the mouse with the receiver. To do this, click on the receiver (it should start blinking). Then click on the button «Connection», which is located at the bottom of the mouse.

Mouse bad move

If You have a bad mouse moves, it requires cleaning.

Mouse button is pressed poorly or not pressed quite

When such a malfunction, check the place of pressing the button on the body of the mouse. Sometimes it is erased with time. If so, then you can use a soldering iron to repair erosion.

If the base of the mouse is normal, then the need to replace the mouse button. To do this, desolder the middle mouse button (mostly not used) and solder is not working properly.

The mouse is working, is not working

Most likely damaged one of the wires in the mouse cable. Basically the damaged area of the wire is near the mouse.

Council. If the mouse also does not work, try testing the mouse on another computer. If You have a mouse with a PS/2 connector, try to use a mouse with a USB connector.

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