More than 1 million people took part in testing Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

More than 1 million people took part in testing Windows 10

Along with the presentation of the preliminary test version of Windows 10 Microsoft has launched the Insider program, which all enthusiasts can access the new platform. As expected, the opportunity to test the next version of Windows for many was very attractive, and today the company revealed some details about involvement in the program.

According to Microsoft, it involves more than 1 million users, i.e., the number of people wanting to help in shaping the final version of Windows 10, really serious. No less important is the feedback the advice and recommendations that «insiders» sent to Microsoft. The company announced that it has received more than 200,000 reports from users using Windows application Feedback. In addition, 36% of the participants decided to try out Windows 10 using virtual machine, while others have installed the OS on a real computer.

These data confirm not only the great interest is caused by Windows 10, but the success of the new model of cooperation between the company and the users who are a very important element in achieving stable version.


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