Minor 10-ka in the next Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Minor 10-ka in the next Windows

Among them are the new «touch» functions, improved work with Windows and even a new Start menu. The system promises to be much better than the current Windows 8 and many of the representatives of the tech community highly praised it.

But the mystery remains: what happened to Windows 9?

The company refused to discuss this figure in a series of releases. «Why the company missed nine?» – this is a question that is still very actively discussed in the Network.

Pete Women at InfoWorld predicted the intention of the company back in 2013, when as an April fool’s joke, he wrote an article titled: «Microsoft skips too good Windows 9 and goes straight to Windows 10».

But now it doesn’t sound like a joke.

Some experts believe that Microsoft wants to leave Windows 8 a failure to gather dust somewhere in the corner.

Obviously, the company seeks to create some distance between the current operating system is Windows 8 and its new project. And she can do this by skipping a whole version. Perhaps Microsoft is trying to repeat the formula used in the successful transition from a failed Windows Vista to Windows 7 create enough cognitive dissonance so that users could forget how bad was the previous operating system.

Soon after the announcement of Windows 10 also includes an interesting comment that Microsoft skipped Windows 9 because of the lines of code in several third-party programs:

if(version.StartsWith(«Windows 9»)) { /* 95 and 98 */ } else {

Many programs have evolved to be able to work with any version of Windows after 95, and they have mentioned code. If the next version of the operating system was named Windows 9, it could lead to compatibility problems and forced the closure of some programs.

Microsoft refuses to comment on this theory.

Instead, the company has said publicly that made the move straight to Windows 10 to emphasize the desire to move forward. «Windows 10 is the first step towards a new generation of Windows,» said Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of operating systems at Microsoft.

Even the thesis with the old code sounds more convincing. But does it matter? No, and here’s why: it would not have called a new Windows (Windows 9, Windows 10 or Windows 2015), the public is tired of new versions of the operating system.

Now it doesn’t matter whether Windows is faster and if it’s «start» button. Because there was a time when computer was something new and the release of each new version of Windows was a major event, a sign of progress, a statement about the upsurge in technology.

Today it is not.

The current generation of young people use hundreds of electronic devices and do not remember these sumptuous presentations of operating systems.

Microsoft is well aware of this.

That’s why the company is not concerned about the number of Windows 10 more than it requires. The version number doesn’t matter. An important product.

Here’s a simple example: you know which is the latest version of Android? (Hint: 5.0 Lollipop). Did you know that all Android versions are named after desserts? Yes, many people in the tech community know this, but the mass consumer is not aware of this. As a rule, he is not interested. And Apple users only care about new iOS features, but not the name.

Microsoft and new CEO Satya Nadella quickly adapted to this reality. Skipping a whole version, they are almost making a mockery of the rules. The company changed the tradition and called into question the version number.

A new strategy for Microsoft involves the creation of things that work on all devices.

Why else would introduce a new version of Windows in such a calm and normal atmosphere, namely, in the format of a press conference led by the two boring zubelli? The era when operating systems were in the heart of the show was held. We don’t want to think about how compatible or not the app from our phone, tablet or PC. We want Windows was just quiet and trouble-free.

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