mimics the Google Chrome OS straight into Windows 8

By | 09.12.2018

Simulates Google Chrome OS straight into Windows 8

A few months ago Google unveiled its Chrome Apps initiative to run their applications outside the browser. But it seems that the company plans to much more. Now the search giant has updated its Chrome browser for developers (Dev version), which essentially works like Chrome OS inside Windows 8.

Chrome, like all the others, traditionally work in the desktop mode in Windows 8, but if you assign it as your default browser and launch from the start screen, it will launch what’s called a «Metro-style». If you run in this mode, the latest Dev version of the browser, you will find that its user interface (UI) and functionality become identical to those in Chrome OS. At the bottom of the screen, there is a certain similarity of the taskbar where you got the icons for Chrome, Gmail, Google, Docs, YouTube. This panel can be placed in the left and right parts of the screen. As with Chrome OS, users can create multiple browser Windows and attach them to the left or right side of the display, or to work with them in full-screen mode. And the button to call the apps located in the lower left corner – in General, where you used to see the «start» button in Windows. This move by Google seems like an attempt to create its own ecosystem directly on Windows computers.

Google имитирует Chrome OS прямо в Windows 8

Chrome for Windows 8 using a special mode that Microsoft included in their OS specifically for web browsers. Some developers browsers allow them to run in the Metro environment, but that they must be installed as your default browser.

It is not clear when the «Chrome OS» will appear in the stable version of the browser, but if the Google ecosystem will be integrated into the Microsoft OS, it may be the next big battle for control of desktop computers.

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