Microsoft with a new acquisition

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft with new acquisition

Microsoft с новым приобретением

Microsoft bought the technology and the talent of Israeli technology company N-Trig, reports CNBC. The transaction amount was not reported, but a few days ago the Wall Street Journal reported that, most likely, we are talking about $ 30 million.

Along with a stylish stylus Microsoft acquires the technology N-Trig touch screen. The technology of the Israeli company already used Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and can be applied in other devices.

Staff N-Trig will continue to work in Kfar Saba, but in accordance with a person familiar with the situation in detail, some of them may move to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

This transaction is a continuation of a series of transactions entered into Microsoft lately, and the third acquisition of an Israeli company for six months. In January bought the company Equivio, which specializiruetsya on the analysis of texts, and in November, Microsoft has absorbed the startup Aorato working in the field of cybersecurity.

Now Microsoft is preparing to launch the long awaited Windows 10 operating system. The number of acquisitions made in recent years are connected with it. Buying apps calendar, Sunrise earlier this year, for example, emphasizes the desire of Microsoft to give Windows 10 as an operating system suitable for mobile devices.

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