Microsoft: Windows 10 will be sold on July 29

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft: Windows 10 will be sold on July 29

Yesterday, many publications commented on July 29, the anniversary of the release of Windows 10 computers running the new operating system supposedly on sale is not received. om this information was published on the website of the Agency Bloomberg, which took as basis the statements of the head of Windows marketing, Yusuf Mehdi.

His words were interpreted as though we will have to wait a few days before we will be able to buy computers preloaded with Windows 10. Now, however, the situation was clarified by another Microsoft representative, explaining that some manufacturers will begin offering computers with the new Windows the same day it’s released.

Soon, Windows 10 will be sent to our partners so they can install it on a new device (…) We expect that some of them will sell the device with Windows 10 on July 29, including Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer, and we hope that many more manufacturers will enter the market in the coming weeks or months afterwards.

Microsoft: Компьютеры с Windows 10 начнут продаваться 29 июля

In particular, Michael Dell, founder and CEO of the famous company-manufacturer of PC, laptops and tablets, Dell has confirmed today that his company has no intention to violate the previously established deadlines, and will be ready to sell the device from July 29. Moreover, in June, Dell began taking orders for the PC with Windows 10 (although only in the US), which will be sent to their owners, too, on the day of the debut of the operating system.

.@markhachman Yes. We are ready

— Michael Dell (@MichaelDell) July 13, 2015

: Bloomberg

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