Microsoft: Windows 10 is installed on 75 million computers

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft: Windows 10 is installed on 75 million computers

Microsoft: Windows 10 установлена на 75 млн. компьютеров

The Internet has long been spread caricature that allows you to quickly get an idea about the success of each version of Windows. It turns out that there is a strict pattern – the «good» Windows software giant turns through one. XP was one of the most popular versions of the operating system, Vista is the most hated, Windows 7, and to this day remains the most used, and «eight» and failed to achieve any significant success. Following this pattern, Windows 10 destined to be «good».

The new operating system was released late last month is free for all owners of legal copies of Windows 7 and 8. The beginning was promising – in the first 24 hours since the launch of Windows 10 was installed on 14 million devices.

And what now? As is the situation with the number of installations a month later? It is normal if to trust Microsoft more than 75 million devices (PCs and tablets) running Windows 10 as of today.

This time the news is not a result of someone’s prior evaluations or informal information of agents. This was announced by Yusuf Mehdi, corporate Vice President of Windows and Devices group at Microsoft.

Yusuf also announced additional figures:

  • Windows 10 is available in 192 countries around the world
  • Windows 10 90 000 different models of PC and tablet
  • Was updated even some older devices 2007
  • Xbox One owners gave almost 122 years of gameplay to Windows 10 computers
  • 10 millions unlocked achievements in Microsoft Solitaire Collection and Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition
  • In response to the request «Tell me a joke» cortana joked for more than half a million times
  • The average number of apps installed from the Windows Store on one device with Windows 10, six times more than in Window 8

This is the second time the company has officially announced figures, confirming at the same time and growing trend. So the policy of the free updates seem to be yielding the desired results, although not without the assistance of the internal Windows 10. If the reception of the new system will go at the same pace, Microsoft will achieve its goal, and «ten» will continue the above mentioned pattern.

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