Microsoft will take full control of the updates for Windows 10 Mobile

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will take full control of the updates for Windows 10 Mobile

The Windows 10 Mobile may bring a different way of managing updates of the operating system under which Microsoft will play an important role in the decision to initiate the procedure of distribution. In parallel with this will be reduced the influence of telecommunication companies on the timing of release.

This conclusion was reached by combining information about Windows Update for Business, published a few days ago on the official website of Microsoft, with the publication on the website ZDNet, where the author refers to the words of his and in company.

The result:

  • the last word on the launch of the allocation process updates will be for Microsoft;
  • the updates will be released simultaneously for all devices in the networks of mobile operators;
  • operators will be part of the testing program Windows Insider and will receive updates to new builds at the same time with the internal group of testers Microsoft that will help the company to adopt a decision on readiness updates to the launcher for all devices.

This information bodes well for improving the current procedure for the release of updates for mobile devices, which in recent months showed aspects that need substantial improvement. Meanwhile, the company still has not clarified the situation in relation to upgrade to Windows 10 for current smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1. For these models, the operators still have the right to vote, and the new update mechanism is only applicable to Windows 10.

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