Microsoft will support the Surface RT for at least 4 years

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will support the Surface RT for at least 4 years

Sales of Surface RT began a few weeks ago, but only now talking about how long this device will be supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft будет поддерживать планшет Surface RT не менее 4 лет

According to the published company information, owners of the device can count on regular updates, at least for 4 years. In turn, ZDNet, analyze this information, reported that primary support in Microsoft is scheduled to end on 11 April 2017, but do not exclude the possibility of extending support, as tablet consumer device. This means that buyers of the Surface RT will be guaranteed to receive updates until April 2017, and the other clause indicates that the tablet may be supported even longer, for example five years.

An impressive period of support especially compared to other tablets on the market. The first edition of the iPad, which is a little more than two years old, no longer supported by Apple and Android situation is even worse, with the exception of Nexus tablets, but they are unlikely to be maintained for so long.

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