Microsoft will support FIDO biometric authentication for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will support FIDO biometric authentication for Windows 10

Microsoft будет поддерживать FIDO для биометрической аутентификации в Windows 10

Very soon log in to mailboxes and user accounts more effectively. Microsoft has announced at the Congress on safety Stanford Cybersecurity Summit that the next version of Windows will support the new specification of the Fast Identification Online (FIDO). This will allow different devices to work with a huge variety of biometric readers and devices.

The new specification allows the construction of a more stable framework for secure authentication methods. Unlike current biometric readers, FIDO aims to replace passwords. The software giant said that it is one of the leading goals of the company.

Specification is an open standard that is supported by leading tech companies and banks, including Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and Bank of America. Her identification is conducted through confirmation of the exact content of the biometric application. It is a very secure authentication method for access to information. Windows 10 will support FIDO 2.0.

: The Verge

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