Microsoft will spend a billion dollars on exclusives games

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft plans to spend $ 1 billion on the gaming exclusives

As it became known, Microsoft has decided to seriously tackle the problem of creating exclusive games for Xbox One.

Recently the Manager of the gaming division of Microsoft, don Mattrick, gave an interview in which he said that the company intended to invest money for creating exclusive projects. It is not yet known which games will be, but you can always see the directory of projects whose creators have already responded positively to the question about whether their projects come out on the Xbox One.

At the same time, he said that Microsoft has already built the business plan, according to which, plans of corporations, a desire to invest one billion dollars to create original game projects.

Microsoft потратит миллиард долларов на игровые эксклюзивы

Part of this amount will be spent on some gaming products some time remained exclusives for Xbox One. He also said that the presentation did not show all the possibilities of their new console, and people are incredibly surprised by what they see.

As for the issues, when DotA Matrika asked, do you remember the company and about the players, he said that very soon there will be details about future games that will become hits.

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