Microsoft will release Windows 10 this summer in 190 countries

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will release Windows 10 this summer in 190 countries

Microsoft выпустит Windows 10 этим летом в 190 странах

The next major release of Windows will be released to users this summer. The American company announced that Windows 10 will be available simultaneously in 190 countries, 111 languages, and users of Windows 7 and Windows 8 can upgrade to the new version of the platform is free for the first year after its release to the market. It is not excluded that at the same time, will be released OS version for phones, and with it new flagship smartphone the Lumia.

Summer the start of sales will enable the company to reach important season of preparing students for the new academic year, during which manufacturers and retailers traditionally generate significant revenues by selling laptops and tablets.

It is not yet clear whether the launch of Windows 10 by running the following processor platforms from Intel, code-named Skylake, but it is possible that this is so. Intel needs to increase the demand for computers, which in recent months is not particularly high and were not supported by the launch of Broadwell.


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