Microsoft will reduce and workers «in the shadows»

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will reduce and workers «in the shadows»

Microsoft сократит и работников «в тени»

Reductions in Microsoft was one of the hottest topics in recent days. CEO Satya Nadella announced last week that the company will be released from their duties up to 18,000 people for one year. However, the media has reported that the changes in Microsoft will seriously affect the contracted experts who were involved in various projects of the company.

Editorial TheStranger has a document which says that Microsoft is planning to introduce limitations in the terms of hiring outside experts, or so-called «labor in the shadows.» Under the new rules, the contracts will be concluded not more than 18 months, after which, for six months, they will not be able to renew it.

At first glance, this change may not seem as radical as the reduction of 18 thousand people. But given the huge number of external experts – thousands of sellers and entrepreneurs, who work on projects and products of Microsoft, hired through intermediaries, and consulting firms are getting pretty serious.

According to the Seattle Times, in 2009 the number of employees in the «shadow» in Microsoft employs about 80,000 people. Now temporary staff may sign short contracts with a duration of 18 months, after which within a further 6 months they can relax, or to accept the offer to become a permanent employee of the Corporation, if they made such a proposal. According to GeekWire, the leadership in Redmond wants to reduce the number of external staff by 20%.

Satya Nadella justifies its actions by the desire to improve organizational structure and efficiency of Microsoft. However, there are fears that the policy of «belt-tightening» may make the company less attractive as a workplace, especially in periods of heightened competition for talent between tech giants.

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