Microsoft will offer Windows as a service

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will offer Windows as a service

Microsoft будет предлагать Windows как сервис

Microsoft is in the process of moving all their leading platforms to subscription models. Office is already available as Office 365 and the next major platform, which the software giant will offer on the principle of subscription, apparently, is Windows.

The announcement, published on the Microsoft site in section of vacancies, shows that the development of «Windows as a service» is in full swing. Now the company is looking for a senior software engineer for the project WaaS (Windows as a Service).

Specialist to join the team focused on the development of services that allows Microsoft to offer «Windows as a Service». Obviously, the company is developing a new software platform, but so far there is no specific information about when WAAS will be released on the market.

Microsoft plans to work with suppliers who will bring their services to the new platform. Traditionally, consumers buy computers with Windows preinstalled. With the new model the company will offer a competitive model with WaaS, adding unique features to their offerings, so to distinguish them from each other.

Who knows how much time for development of WAAS and the development of new strategies, but in addition to this, Microsoft will have to recount to their customers who are accustomed to traditional business models for sales of Windows, used by Microsoft for many decades, says Neowin.

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