Microsoft will offer OneDrive users up to 8GB bonus

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will offer OneDrive users up to 8GB in as a bonus

At the end of last month, Microsoft announced the rebranding of its cloud service SkyDrive, which will soon be called OneDrive. Its renamed Microsoft is positioning as a single place to store documents, photos and other content.

Resource LiveSide today reported that OneDrive will offer up to 8GB of additional space in the cloud. Strategy Microsoft follows the familiar practice of Dropbox users who invited friends to OneDrive will earn bonus space in their profiles.

For each attracted client in OneDrive, users will earn a bonus of 500 MB, and repeat until until the total bonus amount reaches 5 gigabytes. Thus, you can invite 10 people, but there will be one more bonus offer, which unlocks additional 3 GB of space for storing files. If the user activates the option «Camera Roll» the app for iOS, Android or Windows, to enable backup copying pictures in the service, they receive another 3 GB. Along with this, Microsoft is preparing for the possibility of joint ownership of folders in OneDrive.

The launch of the updated service will be held soon, but Microsoft doesn’t specify when «soon». However, in Windows 8.1 Update 1 (see our review here) client for working with cloud service from software giant is already renamed, so OneDrive could be launched in April, with the launch of the updates for the operating system.

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