Microsoft will not take «loyalty bonus» to users OneDrive

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will not take «loyalty bonus» to users OneDrive

Microsoft не будет отнимать «бонус лояльности» у пользователей OneDrive

The recent news about changes to OneDrive has caused a lot of discontent among users. As a result, Microsoft offered the ability to save 15 free gigabytes, and the «bonus film» in order to defuse the situation.

Now the company has confirmed that it will not take away from the users and so-called «loyalty bonus».

To understand the origin of this bonus it is necessary to recall the evolution of OneDrive:

  • Initially, OneDrive was called SkyDrive offered 25 GB of free storage in the cloud;
  • Then the volume of the free space was reduced from 25 GB to 7 GB, but only for new users, and people who have registered with the service to reduce, this change has not affected, and they were all the same 25 GB
  • Free space was increased from 7 GB to 15 GB;
  • The last change also did not affect users with 25 GB, but the size of their store was divided into 15 GB free and 10 GB bonus space.

To keep the «loyalty bonus» (10 GB) you need to open a specially crafted page on the OneDrive website and click «Keep your free storage». Along with this you save the current 15 GB of free space and «bonus film» (15 GB) if you have one.

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