Microsoft will continue to support the Nokia X series

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will continue to support the Nokia X series

One of the most important news in the recent history of the mobile industry, without a doubt, was connected with the sale of the mobile division of Nokia company Microsoft. For some years before the Finnish manufacturer signed an exclusive contract for the production of smartphones based on Windows Phone with the intention to enter into direct competition with Android and iPhone, but was not able to cope with the dominance of the platform from Google and a fanatical devotion to iPhone users.

The company then made perhaps his most unexpected move, submitting three devices running the competing Android operating system – Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. These devices were developed to developing countries, where the company has been very popular in the days of Symbian.

Now that the long process of acquisition of Nokia was finalized, and Microsoft started to prepare for rebranding a branded line of devices from the Finns, the future of the Nokia X series was in doubt. In spite of this, former CEO Stephen Elop assured that they will continue to support these devices, even under the auspices of Microsoft. He also noted that with the acquisition of Nokia Microsoft will be able to add another billion users to its services, and if it is reasonable to take advantage of this fact, it may prove to be a great victory for the giant.

To date, Android is the undisputed leader in the market and Windows Phone is unable to resist him. On the other hand, the Nokia X series runs on a heavily modified version of this platform that provides some independence from Google. Will do if this project success, it is hard to say, and now we can only wait for the next step of Microsoft in this direction. Perhaps the words of Elop’s enough to make the assumption that the work on the project is stopped and in the future the company will release a new similar device.

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