Microsoft will add support for external storage on Xbox One

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft will add external storage support in Xbox One

According to Microsoft product Manager albert Penello, support external drives for Xbox One will be possible in one of next updates. It seems that this update already on the horizon, as an anonymous Xbox developer has posted on Reddit one screenshot that shows this feature in action.

It often happens that some users (beta testers) Xbox One in advance informed about the upcoming features. So it was with Party chat and the ability to manually check for updates to the system. But this leak attracted much more attention.

Microsoft добавит поддержку внешних накопителей в Xbox One

Despite the fact that Xbox One comes with a hard disk of 500 GB, more memory never hurts, especially for active players. Today’s hits can take up to 50 GB of space, but in the future games will become even «harder».

The ability to connect external storage devices ensures that the gamers are not only insurance against lack of built-in disk space, but also allow them to avoid invalidation of the warranty in that case if someone of them will decide on their own to replace the built-in hard drive.

: Engadget

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