Microsoft was granted a patent for MixView and interactive tiles

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft has received a patent for MixView and interactive tiles

Microsoft получила патент на MixView и интерактивные плитки

After almost two years from when we heard them for the first time, the network reappeared news about «expanding» the tiles, called MixView. They were conceived as part of the Windows Phone interface, which was supposed to debut in the Nokia smartphone codenamed McLaren, which was subsequently cancelled because of the number of technical and commercial nature.

The idea was to allow users to access the secondary functions of the application by separating the primary tile for many children, and without physical contact with the display using gestures, working on the basis of 3D Touch technology. This technology was never implemented, and the project remained in the background.

At the beginning of 2015 the network has published a new document explaining the operation of such a concept; then it was assumed that the function will be integrated into Windows 10 but, as we now know, never came. The only thing Microsoft has done is allowed developers to add quick action jump lists generic applications.

On the eve it became known that Microsoft received a patent that confirms the name of the MixView and in fact that project is still on the agenda.

Microsoft получила патент на MixView и интерактивные плитки

Besides, along with MixView Microsoft operating systems can get tiles with integrated special functions within them – the so-called interactive tiles. The document has a reference to these additional functions, a prototype of which we saw in 2014.

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