Microsoft wants to form a new group of insiders

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft wants to form a new group of insiders

Microsoft хочет сформировать новую группу инсайдеров

At the end of last year, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider program, in which any user desktop or mobile operating system from Microsoft can become a beta-tester and co-operate with the company by providing feedback throughout the development of this new version of the software.

This initiative, the company has been very successful, which is reflected in the number of users who form the Insider program of over 7 million people as of today.

If the program proved to be so good, why not promote it even further? It seems that is what is going to make Microsoft.

Edition Windows Central reports that some insiders got a letter with an invitation to join a select group Insider Windows 10 Mobile Preview, to take on an even more important role in the development of the operating system. Judging by the text of the letter, the invitation was sent to users who have provided the company with the most valuable and quality information during the development of Windows 10 Mobile. That’s why Microsoft is offering them to be part of a new team.

Interestingly, users are also prompted to fill in a questionnaire where it is necessary to specify not only the device they own, but also the address at which the company can make the delivery. Currently it is not clear why a company this information, but the logic makes you think that a new group of insiders, probably will participate in testing using hardware provided by Microsoft.

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