Microsoft unveils Xbox One

By | 09.12.2018

Microsoft introduced the gaming console Xbox One

After months of speculation and speculation, Microsoft finally unveiled the next generation gaming console Xbox. The new device is named the Xbox One, which hints at the ambition of the company to combine various options of home entertainment (games, TV, and multimedia content) in a single device.

Along with the console was presented and a new version of the Kinect controller, which is used for games and control with gestures and voice commands.

Microsoft представила игровую консоль Xbox One

The console is equipped with 8-core processor, 8 GB RAM, hard disk 500 GB, optical device Blu-ray, HDMI /USB 3.0 and built-in wireless capabilities. Xbox One runs an operating system which is based on the Windows kernel, so it is not surprising the similarity of the main interface with Windows 8. A user voice command and gestures to navigate the interface and control of the television signal. Like Windows 8 console offers the possibility for the simultaneous use of two applications – for example, watching videos and surfing in Internet Explorer or Skype. The latter, incidentally, supports group video calls.

Microsoft представила игровую консоль Xbox OneMicrosoft представила игровую консоль Xbox One

An updated version of the Kinect is equipped with a wide-angle camera (1080p), which is even able to monitor the pulse of a user while he trains in sports applications. The controller has become much more powerful and works even in a completely dark room. Standard push-button controller for the console has also been updated, and according to Microsoft, it has received more than 40 changes. Thanks to the new architecture of the console will not be compatible with games for the Xbox 360, but in software emulation will be possible to start applications about 450 games for it (half catalogue), although with varying degrees of success.

Microsoft представила игровую консоль Xbox One

Among other changes worth noting improved integration with the SmartGlass app, which provides full control of the console with tablets or smartphones. Sales of the device will begin at the end of this year, and a few weeks during E3, will be revealed and details about the games that will be released for the new Xbox.

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