Microsoft unveils Office 365 Video for business clients

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft unveils Office 365 Video for business clients

Today, content sharing in the workplace has moved beyond the standard documents and photos. This process already includes video. Realizing this, Microsoft has launched Office 365 Video in the world. It is a tool to host and share video content related to the work. In other words, it can be considered as YouTube for business.

As part of Office 365, Microsoft’s video platform aims to offer safe storage and access to videos of the company, without the need to resort to external services.

Video player from Microsoft supports HTML5 in addition to Flash. This means that Office 365 Video works together with any browser available today, including mobile browsers on tablets and smartphones. Moreover, the video player is optimized for any screen size is what designers like to call «responsive design».

Office 365 Video is available as a separate application, which is so far only compatible with iOS. It allows you to not only watch videos but also use it to create and upload their own video content. Unfortunately, the company didn’t say when the app will be available for Android and Windows Phone, so users of these platforms will have to use mobile web browsers.

Microsoft представила Office 365 Video для бизнес-клиентов

New tool available to corporate clients around the world. This means that normal users go beyond itself.

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