Microsoft told us more about the IllumiRoom technology

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft revealed more details about IllumiRoom technology

Microsoft рассказала подробнее о технологии IllumiRoom

Earlier this year, Microsoft showed us the future of home entertainment in the form of the development of IllumiRoom. Then the company promised to share the details about it at the end of April – a promise kept and development was presented at the conference CHI 2013. Along with this, the company also released a 5-minute demo video that shows the real use of IllumiRoom.

As we have noted, the technology expands the scope of interaction with the computer and transmits the image from the TV on any surface in the house. For example, while playing on the Xbox, outside of the screen will be projected a picture that distorts reality – it will fly by bullets, the walls will cover virtual flames etc.

Requires a small projector placed on the table, and the Kinect sensor, which is needed for color registration and room geometry. The company says the system can be calibrated automatically and is suitable for use in any living room.

IllumiRoom provides a variety of ways to expand screen space on the walls around the TV, but in addition there are other basic modes of operation – it is possible to saturate the colors in the room, do the walls in black and white to highlight the corners of the room and create other illusions.

We hope that during the premiere of the next Xbox console Microsoft will share their plans for commercialization development.


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