Microsoft Surface mini will not appear until 2015

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Surface mini won’t appear until 2015

Despite the fact that yesterday, Evleaks reported that the Surface mini will be announced in the near future, a new report on ZDNet says that it is unlikely that the company will release a compact version of the tablet this summer or in the course of this year.

The company had previously planned to launch the Surface mini on may 20 during an event in new York, which eventually ended with the announcement of the Surface Pro 3. However, according to um, Microsoft abandoned the presentation of the Surface mini just before the event. Partly because the touch version of Office (codenamed Gemini) is not yet available, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook must be part of the tablet, so he could have at least some advantage over competitors.

But as soon as Office Gemini will be released? According to rumors, this should happen in spring 2015. It is strange that Windows users have to wait so long for the first touch version of Office, considering that iOS users this package is already available, while for Android users it needs to get to the end of 2014.

The same report also says that Microsoft is still undecided with the size of the display for the Surface mini. Most likely, it will be a 7 — or 8-inch. However, we know that the tablet will run Windows RT, which means it will use the CPU based on the ARM architecture, and if all the information is true, a version of the device will appear in the next year.

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