Microsoft Surface mini is back in production

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft Surface mini is back in production

Microsoft has allegedly resumed production of the Surface mini project, which, reportedly refused shortly before the launch of Surface Pro 3. As claimed by Evleaks, the launch of the device will take place this summer.

About the «mini» version of the Microsoft Surface tablet we heard so many times that these rumors have even got the order a bit. We were waiting for its official presentation on may 20 in new York, but instead, Microsoft introduced the only full size 12-inch Surface Pro 3, but the «mini» the company did not utter a single word.

Then rumors that the company decided to abandon the Surface mini before the announcement of the Pro 3, arguing that this device will not be must popular. However, no facts proving that the tablet really exists, still was not.

However, later in the user guide for the Pro 3 was discovered numerous references to the Surface mini, which we finally got confirmation that this is a real product.

According to earlier rumors, the Surface mini features a 7.5-inch display and comes with a stylus. If the information is correct and, you can bet that the launch of the tablet will be held in the last days of August.

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